In case you were wondering, the strapline for this site (“Those tiny little hands, Hold up my world, I put you in my plans”) is a quote from the Turin Brakes song “Something In My Eye“.

It comes from the time I was walking home from the hospital, leaving my wife and new son behind as they were not able to come home straight away. I’d got my iPod on and randomly selected the “Dark On Fire” album and this track popped up.

The quoted lines come from the 1st verse:

From the chaos of the game,
Life spat you out
You dont need a name,
I remember you somehow
Those tiny little hands,
Hold up my world
I put you in my plans,
My black hole little girl

Apart from the last line, the whole verse just seemed to fit the moment, and the three lines I ended up with as the strapline especially so which is why they ended up on this site.